2023 W3 Conference Compilation CD (6 Disc) - The Purification of a Queen

2023 W3 Conference Compilation CD (6 Disc) - The Purification of a Queen

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The Purification of a Queen: Expected Release August 27, 2023

CD Disc 1 

  • Pastor Ron Williams - Repairing Your Credit 

CD Disc 2

  • Clinton House, Jr. (Silver Summit) - Medical Resources 

CD Disc 3

  • Minister Rhonda Jackson - Handling Your Finances 

 CD Disc 4

  • Unmasking Who I Am (Parenting, Suicide, Balance Act, & Comparision) w/ Dr. Mary L. House, Dr. Michelle Van, First Lady Shandra Harris, & Latoya Gatson 

 CD Disc 5

  • Aisha Grevensberg - Mentasl Health 
  • Chris Hatter - The Healing Zone (Meditation) 

 CD Disc 6

  • Evening Session - Guest Speaker Bishop Jackie McCullough

"The Purification of a Queen" 2023 Women’s Conference Hosted by the illustrious Dr. Mary L. House opened with a magnifying prayer that shifted the hearts and minds of the Queens as we all stood in preparation for purification. Within each of the phenomenal empowerment sessions, the ladies received an abundance of wisdom and rejuvenation of the Mind, Body, and Soul from the speakers that fervently proclaimed the principles of maintaining their purification beyond the conference. On Friday, our cup overflowed as we were edified by our eminent guest speaker Bishop Jacqueline E. McCullough. This blessed experience gave me confidence in the impact that this conference will undeniably leave on your life. Queen, now is your time! Your purification is attainable for you in Jesus name!