2022 W3 Conference Compilation DVD (2 Disc) - Reigning With My Issues

2022 W3 Conference Compilation DVD (2 Disc) - Reigning With My Issues

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Disc 1

Conference Highlights 

  • Wednesday Evening Prayer Service
  • Thursday Day Session Workshops 
  • Thursday Evening VIP Session w/ Dr. House 
  • Friday Morning First Lady Session w/ Dr. House 
  • Rhonda Jackson - Finance, Budgeting, Investments, Insurance 
  • Marquetta DeVille - Home Ownership 
  • Evelyn Horton-Blanks and Pastor Ron Williams Credit Repair 
  • Rosalyn Brooks - Women’s Health
  • Panel Discussion

 Disc 2

Friday Day Sessions 

  • "Solutions to My Issues" w/ Aisha Grevenberg
  • Dr. House - Wrapped in His Glory – Scriptures/Wrap Hair

Friday Night

  • Evening Service Message w/ Rev. Dr. Claudette Copeland

The 2022 "Reigning With My Issues" Women's Conference was a heightened experience of impactful and life-changing conversations with the best speakers from the throne of the Queen's Chamber. The ladies were graced with wisdom from the special empowerment sessions with our anointed Host Dr.Mary L House, & the Mental Health workshop with the prodigious Aisha Grevenberg. After the workshops, the atmosphere was prepared for the crowning glory of the event with our virtuous Guest Speaker, Dr.Claudette Copeland. We are confident in the positive impact that this conference will have on your life. With God, all things are possible, and we believe that as you listen, you will build up the strength to reign over your issues. In Jesus name, it is so.